ATM Guide

Japanese banks tend to be open between 9am and 4pm and are closed on weekends and national holidays. You may notice that ATMs also have operational times and are not 24-hour accessible like what you may be used to. If you need to withdraw money outside of your bank’s ATM times, 7-11 is your best bet.

Key Vocabulary



Withdraw after account balance

Payment/ remittance

Account balance


Update passbook

How do I make a cash withdrawal?

  1. Insert your bank card into the slot labelled カード
  2. Select 引き出し
  3. Accept any fees by pressing 確認 
  4. Enter pin code and press 確認
  5. Enter amount you wish to withdraw and press 確認
  6. Select 発行する if you would like a receipt or 発行しない if you do not

How do I check my balance?

  1. Insert bank card or passbook
  2. Select 残高照会
  3. Enter pin code and press 確認
  4. Select 発行する if you would like a receipt or 発行しない if you do not

How do I do a furikomi/ transfer?

Before you attempt to do a furikomi make sure you have the following five details of the recipient as well as knowledge of hiragana and katakana.

  • 銀行名(ぎんこうめい)Recipients name of bank or financial institute 
  • 支店名(してんめい)Name of branch
  • 口座科目(こうざかもく)Account type:
    • 当座(とうざ)Checking
    • 普通(ふつう)Regular
  • 口座番号(こうざばんごう)Account number (7 digits)
  • 口座名義(こうざめいぎ)Recipient or company name
  1. Select お振込み. Re-confirm you want to do a furikomi by pressing 確認.
  2. Acknowledge fees for transferring money by pressing 確認.
  3.  Insert cash card and PIN. Some ATMs display a fraud alert stating any recent scams or frauds. If you see this press “続ける” to continue or中止する to cancel.
  4. Select the name of recipient bank (銀行名).
  5. Insert the branch name using the katakana keypad. Note: Branch names are sometimes numbers. To insert ‘059’ for example, type ゼロ・ゴ・キュウ.
  6. Select account type. 当座Checking or普通Regular.
  7. Enter the 7-digit account number. Most ATMs will ask if you would like to save the payee for future transactions. Press ‘登録する’ to save or ‘登録しない’ to not save.
  8. Input the transfer amount.
  9. Confirm all transfer information is correct.