LGBTQ+ Resources

In you want to stay in the loop of LGBTQ+ events and news, head to the Stone wall website ( and sign up for the newsletter. Below is a list of some other LGBTQ+ resources to help you settle in to Hokkaido.

Social Resources

Stonewall Japan 

Join the Stonewall Hokkaido mailing list and facebook groups to find out about events all over Japan and in Hokkaido. Plus meet a bunch of friendly folks! Thanks to the hardworking local leadership, if you sign up to the newsletter/local FB group you should be availed of what’s going on with the following social resource sites. 

This group is: Fully welcoming and supportive of bi/pan individuals with no concern to their partner’s gender identity. Fully welcoming and supportive of asexual individuals. Fully welcoming and supportive of all trans identities, fluid, non-binary, etc. Fully welcoming and supportive of polyromantic individuals. 

Email newsletter: 

FB: “Stonewall Japan” and “Stonewall Hokkaido.” 


Qwe’re organizes different events which are open to varying segments of the LGBTQ community. Each event will clearly state their intended audience in the event info. Follow them on Twitter for event discounts and wear the event specific dress-code for even deeper discounts! 


Twitter: @Qwere_2011 


University student meetings that are student exclusive to Jr.High-Graduate school students. 

Twitter: @lgbt_snow 


An unofficial Hokkudai University LGBT group, possibly student exclusive.


Sapporo/Hakodate Jibun Cafe 

Casual conversation meet-ups for all LGBTQ+ folks. These meetings are very popular and pack the tiny venues they are held in!


Twitter: @sapporojibunc 

“FREE!” Sexual Minority Information Site 

This site does everything from hosting events, to fundraising, and spreading knowledge about local/ national groups and current issues.


Twitter: @free_lgbt 


A bi-monthly, women-only(All trans are welcomed!) meetup run by the local LGBT activist Yumi! The event changes every time. Some examples of past events are pizza making, LGBT movie night, picnics, etc. Event capacity usually is around 25-30 people so you need to RSVP! Email or give her a direct message on Twitter.


Twitter: @WING_sapporo.