Transferring Money

International Transfers

There are several ways to send money home.

Goremit and TransferWise

are great apps to send money home. Transfer fees are around¥2000, and is free to set up an account. Your money is usually transferred into your account the same day if done before 3pm and within 24 hours if done after 3pm, but can vary depending on demands. This is an excellent service if you plan to send home money on a regular basis.

The JP Post Office

There is an English guide that illustrates how to fill out the form and it costs roughly ¥2500 each time you send money. If you save up several months of wages to send home at once or only plan to send money home sporadically this is an excellent option. However, this mode of remittance can take anywhere from one to two weeks, so it is advisable to plan accordingly if you are sending money home to make payments on bills or loans. 

Domestic Transfers 

Sending money in Japan can be done through a direct bank transfer called Furikomi. This service is available through the post office of your bank’s ATM. It usually costs ¥300-700 to transfer money within Japan. You do not need to hold an account with the receiving bank to transfer money into someone else’s account, nor is it necessary to hold an account at the Post office to use the money sending services there. For information on completing a furikomi, head to our ATM Guide (link.)
For a step-by-step guide to completing a furikomi, read our ATM Guide.